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Personal Message Broker

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Description:   The Personal Message Broker (PMB) is a server program that monitors ISDN lines, email, news groups, blogs, and news feeds (RSS) that are important to your business. This is software you install and manage on you home/office PC. No additional services/fees are required to run this software. However it does require a permanent Internet connection (ADSL, cable or other) to function. For monitoring ISDN lines a ISDN controller with CAPI support is required.

PMB is a multi-user program, up to 5 different users can sign on and manage what they want monitored and how they want to be alerted.

A user can choose to be alerted about new messages via email, Instant Messages, SMS, EMS and/or WAP push. Voice-mail and faxes can be forwarded via email. There are web, WAP and I-mode based interfaces for remote access using a browser, PDA or cell-phone. PMB allows each user detailed control over the alerts he will receive.

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